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Supplement/Diet Advice

Supplement/Diet Advice

Should I take vitamins and minerals?

Which ones, which brands are the best, how long for?

Do I really need them?

Am I wasting my money?

Should I give up gluten?

Should I eat a low GI diet?

Should I go vegetarian for my health?

Am I drinking enough water?

How can I supporting myself and do the best for my body?

It’s not surprising many of us are confused. There is so much information out there. Promises of health if you take this supplement, follow this diet etc.

We are all unique. We each need our own plan. And we can find this by talking to someone who is trained. By looking at your diet and lifestyle, all your body systems, and any potential symptoms which are causing you concern I will work with you and recommend what may help support you and hopefully clear up any confusion. Start Here

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