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Skin Health

Skin Health

Are you fed up with dry skin, brittle, lacklustre hair and nails?

These may be a sign that the balance in the body is out. Simple, but effective dietary suggestions such as magnesium, zinc, omega 3, biotin which can all be found in the diet and/or with temporary supplementation may help to restore balance and potentially leading to healthier hair and skin.  We all want to look at the best we can be and we should be able to achieve this through positive dietary changes.

Do you suffer from Psoriasis? Itchy, dry red plaques which can cause embarrassment.

Psoriasis is a complex autoimmune disorder. This may sound a bit overwhelming. Triggers can be stress and diet. 

I have seen client’s symptoms improve with diet/lifestyle changes and additions. Of course topical creams may help, but the outward signs of psoriasis are potentially a sign that we need to support the gut and the immune system.  

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