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Eat Yourself Healthy

Eating the Right Things May Support Your Health

“Who visits a nutritional therapist?” I am often asked. 

Our bodies are very clever, amazing in fact and are always trying to get us back into homeostasis (balance!). Modern lifestyle, stress, diet, hormonal changes can all upset this balance. The longer we are unbalanced the more likely we will suffer from some sort of disorder. 

My role is to support you and to help you find balance and good health through personalised lifestyle and diet suggestions. You are unique and as so the advice you will receive from me will be totally unique to you. And please be assured I am an evidence based nutritional therapist. All the advice I follow and give has been thoroughly researched using high quality research.

Here are some areas that I work with and ones that you may relate to. Please don't worry if your symptom isn't there I have experience in helping clients with a wide range of disorders.

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