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Your start to better health

Sarah Walker - Nutritional Therapist & Chef - Helping you to better health

Who is this consultation for? 

Is there a health concern that is impacting on your life and you are wondering if your diet and lifestyle is aggravating it? And/Or do you want to start taking a more proactive approach to your health to support you in the future.

Modern lifestyle, stress and diet can all upset the balance in our body. The longer we are unbalanced the more likely we will suffer from some sort of disorder.

Nutritional therapy addresses potential underlying causes of ill health rather than looking at symptoms we look at the whole body. Evidence based and using a whole range of tools I will assess your current health status, identify any imbalances which will then be supported by a personalised and tailored food, nutrient and lifestyle plan

Getting Started 

Taking the first step can often feel daunting.  I completely understand, but I am here to listen, without judgement, to whatever is causing you concern and support and empower you to make positive changes for your optimum health.

By looking at the diet and supporting ourselves mentally and physically we will be on the right path to a healthier, happier life.

How does a discovery call work?

A 20 minute free call  - We will talk about your concerns, symptoms and what your goals are and you can ask any questions about the process. Together we will discuss the best approach how to support you using the latest in research, evidence and advice. Calls are available via telephone, or if you prefer face to face) Zoom.  Or if it is easier for you can email me too.

What next?

If you would like to go ahead before your initial consultation I will send out a health & lifestyle questionnaire and a 3 day diary to be completed before we meet and sent back to me at least three days before me meet.  This will enable me to start putting together the best advice on how to support you.

Consultation Process

90-Minute Initial Consultation – via zoom or if local to Perth here at my clinic or in the comfort in your own home.

During this time together we will discuss

  • Your current symptoms and concerns
  • Your goals
  • Go through your food and lifestyle diet and the health questionnaire
  • Devise and discuss a health protocol tailored to you and your health goals which will include:
    • Diet and lifestyle recommendations – this is a two way street – we must work out what is going to work for you and your health.
    • Meal/recipe advice
    • If necessary supplement advice (please note this is an additional cost), but I can offer you a 15% discount on all supplements
    • If necessary recommendations for testing (as above)

Post Initial Consultation

Your agreed programme, recipes/menu ideas and supplement plan will be emailed out to you within 48 hours of our meeting with an invitation for a complementary 15 minute telephone session to discuss it and answer any questions you may have.

In between meetings

I don’t believe in handing out plan after a consultation and then leaving you on your own to implement it. I am here to support you and empower you to better nutrition and hopefully better health, so there is the offer of a 20 minute telephone catch up, normally 2 weeks after we have met to monitor progress and make adjustments to your programme.

Follow Up Consultation

45 minute meeting either on zoom or in person to review progress and make any further health adjustments.

What next? 

There may be a need to carry on working together and for further sessions in the form of a 45 min meeting. How many sessions will you need? Well, it depends on the complexity of your health concern, the underlying causes of your symptoms are and how much you need or are able to change your diet and lifestyle.


  • Initial Consultation, in between 2 x catch ups - £60 
  •  4 week follow up session £30.
  • Any additional follow ups - £45
  • Please note - supplements and testing are additional.

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