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We potentially need additional support during some key life phases, for example:

Fertility – Are you looking to start a family? Wanting to ensure you are in optimal health?

Optimising nutrition may help to reduce certain risk factors and support optimal oocyte/sperm production. Working with you I will look at your diet and also very importantly your lifestyle and suggest changes to ensure you are in the best possible position pre conception.

Pregnancy -You, of course, want make sure you are doing the best for your baby and yourself. Advice can be confusing as to what is best for you and the baby.

However, I believe in a tailored approach. Taking into consideration your diet, lifestyle I will suggest adaptions to help support you and your baby.

Breast Feeding – this can potentially be a time when micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) may need to be increased due to the extra demands on your body. Important to support yourself during this time to ensure breast milk is at its most optimal benefit.

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