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Nutritional Therapy Testimonials


After years of “fad diets” and struggling with weight loss I decided I need to get my act together and do something about this. For around 2 decades I have had terrible bowel issues and been fobbed off by my GP saying it was IBS, instead of carrying out simple tests. I searched online and came across Sarah’s business page, so I sent a text and Sarah came back to me very quickly, we had a great chat on the phone and arranged a meeting. Sarah was so thorough and after leaving the meeting I knew I’d done the right thing by contacting Sarah, within 2 days I had my protocol sent over and starting making lifestyle changes thereafter. Within a very short period of time I felt so much better, I have so much more energy, my bowel issues have completely settled down and to top it off in 5 weeks I am 1 stone 3lb lighter. Sarah is so knowledgeable and very supportive and I will happily continue my journey with her.

Gail D

In the midst of the peri menopause with a long list of things that were happening to me both physically and mentally, Sarah helped me get myself back on track and feeling better than I’ve felt in many years.

Sarah has a background in food, having previously owned a successful cookery school before qualifying in nutritional therapy. This gives depth and experience to her sessions which is unique for a therapist and enables her to provide wide ranging and creative advice on food. I am a busy working mum and Sarah drew up a food programme for me which was practical and easy to implement.  

Sarah is an excellent listener with wonderful energy.  The supplements she suggested, combined with my food programme, were just what I needed to make me feel better.  Thank you Sarah!


I went to see Sarah to get some help with energy levels during peri menopause. I was seriously impressed by her very thorough method of gathering information so that she had a good idea of my lifestyle, symptoms and what I wanted to achieve. Since working with Sarah, I have seen a huge improvement in my energy in addition to skin issues resolving. I’ve also found that my nails and hair are much healthier too! She’s great at working out a plan but more importantly a plan that is do-able and you can stick to. I would highly recommend working with Sarah. In fact she’s also worked with my daughter who had repeated tonsillitis but not any more!


I made the decision to contact Sarah because I was fed up being tired all the time and had also moved to a more physically active job as well as training for a half marathon. I was keen to improve my nutrition to help with my running, tiredness and general well being. It was really useful to have an in-depth chat with Sarah to gauge where I was at and where I’d like to be. We discussed various options and strategies and some supplements to help boost me getting started. I tried to make changes gradually rather than all in one go to ensure I’d stick with them. It has been a bit up and down as life events have taken over but some new habits have stuck and I’m hopefully that over time I can gradually introduce more. It can be hard not to reach for the easy, less healthy snacks when you’re tired, busy etc so I just need to do a bit more planning and make sure I always have good alternatives around. I have noticed an improvement in my tiredness levels overall and in my general energy level. It feels good to be doing something to look after myself a bit more. I think I could still make further improvements the more I can implement the changes suggested. I feel I have more knowledge now too on what choices to make so feel more empowered to make better decisions (most of the time!). I’m glad I’ve had this experience and hope to keep learning and improving.

Meriel Y

I have various health ‘niggles’ that I wanted to address.  Some of these things really got me down.  

Sarah was very professional in her approach; we chatted through my ‘niggles’ and she came back to me with a coherent and easy to follow plan of action. Sarah is very approachable when it comes to questions… of which I have many!  She coached me through any concerns and/or questions that I might have had.

One of my ‘niggles’ has been completely rectified – I have suffered from serious period cramping my whole life.  Now I cannot tell when my period is due as the cramping has gone.  This has revolutionised my life!

Going to see Sarah has provided me with extra support that I needed during a tricky spell in my life.  The advice she has provided has helped me get one part of my life on the right track.  I can honestly say I have a much healthier and more balanced lifestyle since visiting Sarah.  

Thank you!

Scott W

For years I have struggled with Psoriasis. I have used every cream under the sun which helped for a bit, but the condition always returned. The condition was really affecting my confidence and I was desperate to find a solution. I had never associated Psoriasis with diet and nutrition, but a friend mentioned it might help and recommended Sarah. During the discovery call, Sarah outlined the process and how important it is to address the underlying causes of psoriasis in order to get the best results. After the initial consultation which was very thorough Sarah tailored a programme for me to help reduce inflammation in the body and support gut health (all linked which I didn’t realise!). She suggested a number of doable changes and additions to my diet. I felt supported during the whole process and loved that she kept in contact with me which kept me on the right path! After 4 weeks of support the flares ups, itchiness and scaliness had all reduced which I was really pleased about. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah and she was so professional and understanding and keen to find ways to help me.

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