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Sarah Walker - Nutritional Therapist & Chef

Sarah Walker - Nutritional Therapist & Chef
Sarah Walker - Nutritional Therapist & Chef

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My working life to date has been all about people and food. I started off in recruitment. Placing people in their dream jobs and helping them to achieve their goals.

I left London to come home to Scotland and devoted my career to food. Cooking had always been a passion and I decided to turn a hobby into a job. Firstly, as a private cook, then setting up my own cookery school. I wanted to share all that I had learnt with others. I love teaching people how to cook. It gave my clients and me a huge sense of satisfaction when they achieved in the kitchen and with food.

I gave up the cookery school as the unsociable hours were starting to take their toll on my young family, and me, which is how I found myself in Nutrition. I have always been fascinated by food and the essential nourishing support it can give the body. I studied Nutrition for three years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine graduating with Distinction in November 2021.

As a result of my past careers and my own passions, my strengths are working with people and food. I want to help people support themselves with good diet choices. My role is to educate and empower you to support your health now and in the future.

I am a fully insured, registered Nutritional Therapist (DipCNM), a member of BANT, and am registered with the CNHC.

If you would like to talk more about how best I could support you, do book a free, confidential 20 min discovery call.

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