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How has good nutrition helped me?

Sarah Walker - Nutritional Therapist & Chef

Getting rid of my Sinusitis

I thought it was important to share how my journey with nutrition and how it has helped me. There are many positive changes, but the most instant one was with my immune system and Sinusitis.

Ever since I was a child I have suffered from earache, tonsillitis, which ended up, with my tonsils being removed at the age of 19. Solved the tonsillitis, but didn’t solve the problem.

It hadn’t solved the root cause. Leading to years of endless bouts of seriously painful sinusitis which every time had to be resolved with antibiotics. Nothing else worked. The doctor even mentioned the only time I went to see them was for my sinusitis.

Sort the Root Cause not the Symptoms

So roll on my course in Naturopathic Nutrition with the College of Naturopathic Medicine where one of the first things we learnt was to look at the whole body and address the root cause and not just the symptoms.

I realised that my immune system was compromised which is where I started. Through changes to my diet, adding in antioxidant rich vegetables and fruit, foods rich in vitamin e and zinc which I had learnt were all good boosters for my immune system and supplementing with Omega 3 (I have to admit now I am not a fan of oily fish, I know shock horror, so I need to supplement my diet with Omega 3).  Within in a couple of months I felt much stronger. I didn’t get my usual twice a year cold which normally turned into Sinusitis. And since starting the course 3 years ago I haven’t had a bout of Sinusitis or had to have antibiotics which is fantastic as antibiotics whilst amazing in many ways can cause havoc on our gut microflora which is so important to our gut and overall health.

No more regular mood swings

The other area I feel that has been supported through changes in diet and some supplementary support is with the hormonal changes I have been experience since the age of 40. Increased mood swings, low mood, painful periods. Through increasing anti-inflammatory foods, omega 3 foods, enjoying more exercise and including probiotics into my diet my mood and pain has been so much better. The sudden red angry mist I experienced disappeared and my husband was safe again (joke!).

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